Automotive: Certification, Type Approval and Conformity of Production

To enter the automotive market you need to ensure your systems, components or vehicles satisfy the requirements set by National and International regulatory bodies.

As the number of rules, norms and standards that apply to vehicles continues to grow globally, Our Experts at Haritha Mobility Solutions can help you navigate this complicated, but vitally important process.

With our in-depth scientific and technical understanding and extensive industrial experience within the automotive sector, we can provide you with support for the vehicle homologation process so that you can quickly and efficiently obtain the accreditations you need.

Also we take care of preparing the vehicle testing and documentation prior to submission of vehicle for type approval (CMVR Certificate).

We can Support in the Following Areas

  • To determine the technical and legal requirements for Indian and International markets
  • Identify the approvals necessary based on our Up-to-date Database of all vehicle and Component Categories.
  • Optimize the number and efficiency of the required tests.
  • Offer you specific advice on issues that may emerge due to gaps or unclear wording in the legal standards that provide the basis for testing.
  • Support you during the approval process, from the time of filing your application through to receipt of the approval certificates.
  • Assist you in the preparation of your manufacturer’s documentation for Indian market for Conformity of Production and type approval procedures.
  • Coordination with third party agencies for Testing and certification at both vehicle and Component level.
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